"Sadhana" means religious praxis, or faith in action. We in Sadhana: Coalition of Progressive Hindus seeks to mobilize Hindus to speak and act for justice, always and particularly when justice is denied.

Core values: The values of Ekatva (oneness of all), Ahimsa (peace and nonviolence), and Seva (a commitment to putting our shoulder to the wheel in service to struggles for justice everywhere) are for us the heart of Hinduism, and the pillars for Sadhana's work.

Current issue priorities

  • Environmental Justice
  • Gender Justice (including women's and LGBTQ rights)
  • Fighting Racism, Casteism and Islamophobia

Mission Statement

Sadhana is a coalition of Hindus wanting to assert a progressive Hindu voice into the public discourse of our times. Sadhana is a mechanism and a platform for progressive Hindus to speak up and act for social justice, particularly whenever justice is denied.

Sadhana Administrator (SA) Duties

  • Create and maintain contact database
  • Create and maintain monthly e-newsletter
  • Create and maintain systems for regular communication with our growing membership base
  • Create and maintain systems for maintaining our accounts
  • Help with donor/funder prospecting and preparation of grant proposals
  • Keeping Sadhana website updated
  • Ensure that Sadhana maintains a schedule of board meetings, membership/organizing meetings, strategic planning meetings and public events.
  • Representing Sadhana in public, at meetings and speaking engagements, primarily in the New York City area.
  • Report to the board of directors -- one board member will be your direct supervisor.

SA Skills and Qualifications

  • Passion for Sadhana's mission.
  • Positive attitude and energy, which lends itself to base-building.
  • Excellent written and communication skills.
  • Proficiency with computer skills including basic database management and web design.
  • Proficiency with social media.
  • A self-starter willing to learn new skills.


 Sadhana has secured funding for an administrator who will receive $120 per week in exchange for working 8 hours per week, for the next six months. We are ready to receive applications.

To apply, please submit your résumé and cover letter to by April 1.