Happy Diwali

Whether it be the marriage of Lakshmi to Vishnu, the joyous return of Rama to Ayodhya, or the welcoming the Pandavas back to Hastinapur, Diwali has been cause for grand celebration across the globe. Over the course of the last several days Hindus have prepared their homes and their hearts for the entry of light and prosperity.

Diwali has been set aside as our Festival of Lights, yet Hindus are among many faith groups that revere the light. While we view Lakshmi as the goddess of light, Muslims refer to Allah as al-Nur (The Light), Christians view Jesus as the Light of the World, Jews perceive the sun as a symbol of divinity and guidance, and Buddhists continually seek out the flame of enlightenment.

As we prepare to light up our homes with diyas emitting Agni, let us remember that each and every member of mankind possesses a divine light radiating from within. Let us emulate this light not just on such an auspicious holiday, but every day through sadhana (faith in practice).  Finally, let us recognize that together we shine brighter rather than apart.

Happy Diwali 2013 from all of us at Sadhana!