Happy Navratri & Dussera!

Sadhana wishes everyone a very happy and auspicious Navratri and Dussera. 

Navratri (literally, nine nights) and Dussera are festivals devoted to the female divine force (Shakti/Devi) in the Hindu faith. Navratri and Dussera bring together millions of Hindus across the world to worship Hindu Goddesses (most commonly Kali, Durga, Parvati, Lakshmi, Saraswati) and celebrate the power of the female divine to conquer destructive forces in the universe, in our own communities, and within ourselves. As an organization which promotes the principles of oneness, balance and justice which are at the heart of Hinduism, we observe this Hindu festival with reverence.  

We bow our heads to the Divine Mother, who is manifested in all women: our mothers, sisters, wives, partners, daughters and friends and, as such deserve honor in the form of education, well being, empowerment, and protection. Whenever the rights of women and girls are violated, or who are prey to violence and brutality, often in the name of religion, society dishonors the Divine Mother.