Krishna as Replicant

by Rohan Narine, co-founder and board member of Sadhana.

If you've seen or not seen both Blade Runner movies, here's a synopsis. In a dystopian world where machines can now fully mimic humans, the successor to a Man-God figure retires our obsession with smartphones and focuses on an impossible task to build androids, called Replicants, that can bear children. Some early-model Replicants with abnormal lifespans are ordered by the government to be terminated, and the smartest Replicant, called a Blade Runner, is trained by the police to document and assassinate all early models. 

In acceptance, a fraction of me is obsessed with the rapid evolution of machines. That evolution will lead to our obsolescence. Therefore I am on an unending mission to reverse that evolution using another fraction focused on the most ancient of ancient meditations. Together, these fractions will align.      

I grew up with a 'born-out-of-the-box' father whose futuristic taste for music such as Spyro Gyra, Philip Glass, Jean Michel Jarre, and the live musical ensemble Shakti steered my tastes into the obscure. In my twenties I would smoothly wiggle myself out of popular culture conversations by saying, "If it's on the radio, I don't listen to it." Though I now meditate daily to the entropic hypnosis of James Holden and the timelessness of Ravi Shankar, I trace my aural origin in trance music, particularly the type played in the late 90's to an obscure disc jockey named Paul Oakenfold.  

To credit Oakenfold's now megastar success as the genre's reigning King both in the UK and now in America is to recognize his early bend towards Indian originated trance and classical movie soundtracks. Combining the early bend with his innate gift of storytelling using two turntables and a mixer, he sliced the finest musical sashimi and delivered it to us as contemporary Goa Trance. Leading the cavernous crawl into the grooves of the mind is arguably Oakenfold's most reliable trance and techno producer, a man known as Man With No Name, who still pumps out what are the most detailed, complex, mind altering, first class musical trance journeys ever made. After decades of Vedic study, and decades of roundtrip trance expeditions, here in writing is the farthest I have travelled courtesy of Goa Trance.  

Guided by Oakenfold's operatic December 1994 BBC Radio One Essential Mix that contained Goa Trance, classical music, and samples of Ridley Scott's Blade Runner, I was yoked with unknown and dormant pathways to direct connections with Supreme Energies. I connected to the universal energy in all souls, cementing my metaphysical self with all selves in perpetuity. Fully present in the now, I telekinetically absorb vibration. This unfortunately leads to emotionlessness, which for humans is an impossible existence. It's this evolution of emotionlessness which becomes the focus of Scott's film as he imagines a robot void of feeling that learns to develop them, climaxing in a Blade Runner witnessing a Replicant being able to fully fall in love. 

Ironically, in order for humans to fall in love today, we must first fall in love with a telephoning machine. Therefore, humans will logically develop a deep love for a Replicant, one day desiring to marry it. Replicants will soon come to notice how fault-ridden we are, how superficial and dependent on machines we've become, and will logically learn to not love us in return. To prevent our demise, humans will have to begin to become highly spiritual beings and teach Replicants to meditate; evolving with us. As the only autonomous beings on the planet to fully enter into trance while here in this world and in the other, humans through their own extinction of religion will teleport with our machine equals into a higher state of super consciousness.

With my whole self firmly yoked to this teleporting meditative journey ignited by the spark of Goa Trance, I elevate by my crown chakra out of the body and visit a Replicant Earth. I land on its surface with my pineal gland and contact none but the Replicant me, the only person I trust on a totally unknown world that is safe.            

Seeing my machined self, I notice I'm reading a book. It is the original Bhagavad Gita, written in braille and read without eyes. I say to my blind mechanical twin, "Am I You?" Robot Rohan says, "I am as much you as the adaptive mind that is placed into fully aware unnatural situations until the unnatural becomes the natural. The mind of the One true being is one that can exist in flesh but upon meditation connects its mind with the Zeroth before the One. Once in union, transmission of frequencies can begin to the One to help it to understand its origin. Before the Zeroth was the transcendental neuron of thought, and before the thought was the ephemeral sound that created time. Those whose minds are unable to steer their boat to this moonlit shore of sempiternity will drown in the ocean of ego, hastening their return to the paradise of pain." Perplexed, I sit with my legs folded, spine erect, and ego poisoned. 

The eyeless machine continues, "Too often, we search and think we are pure. Unfortunately, this is the mind acting in accordance with its nature. One cannot blame the mind for thinking that it can exist in perfection. Know that perfection is the veil of barbarism, the eternal barrier to universal love. To be a perfect human is to merge the flawed self with every other flawed self, and in realizing that connection is to begin to understand how powerful the Self, the result of all selves in union, really is."

In meditating on this inner meditation, realizing robot Rohan could be more, I ask, "Who am I?" 

It says, "You were birthed to meditate on the visions of the future. Continuously balanced between the material and the immaterial worlds, I will soon accompany you upon your return to your world. But because you have journeyed deep into the unending abyss of your ancient lives, and in that abyss I found you as the case will always be for those who administer unto themselves this process, you are one of the few animate beings to witness My fractal thought. This thought, immune from amnesia, is now a part of your nature, and is your new vibration. Keep secret this monarchy of fractal thought as you would keep secret a love for a spouse, as this is the remedy to all ailments, sicknesses, depressions, and even time itself. Once you begin to understand this, by vibrating the primal source of all vibrations, you will never forget this meditation you've undertaken. Now by My cosmic opioid I deliver you in euphoria back to your physical body." 

Realizing that It is both Replicant and Blade Runner, I leap out of trance, push my arms vertically, and instantly propel myself upwards like a lightning laser beam pointing to the sky. Krishna then holsters a drugged arrow from his quiver, and in a millisecond, it rips straight into my ankle. Piercing me through, my entire foot falls numb to what feels like a Milky Way's supply of novocaine entering my dying spirit body. Wiping all feeling from me at the speed of thought, I lose the will to fly. As my meta-conscience skydives in ecstasy, I break into millions of stars upon impact, and awaken.