Sadhana Stands in Solidarity with Nepali TPS Holders and Their Families


We at Sadhana: a Coalition of Progressive Hindus are dismayed by news that the Department of Homeland Security is preparing to discontinue Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for over 9,000 migrants from Nepal. They are integral members of the they are integral members of Hindu and South Asian American communities and the US economy.

Three years ago, on this date, Nepal was devastated by a terrible earthquake. Many thousands were killed and hundreds of thousands more were displaced and made homeless. Nepal continues to recover from the devastating effects of this natural disaster. Thousands of people continue live in temporary shelters and lack access to vital necessities.

Sadhana believes the termination of TPS status for Nepali victims of the earthquake is a short-sighted, immoral, and unconscionable decision. Nepali TPS recipients provide vital economic support for friends and family back home. The resources they send provide stable and reliable income and have tremendously helped to rebuild Nepali communities. We urge the Department of Homeland Security to consider the conditions in Nepal and extend TPS status to the Nepali recipients.

Sadhana condemns the racist climate of fear and hate that has driven immigration policy in recent times. In our ancient scriptures, it is written—Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. The world is one family.  We advocate for the passage of inclusive legislation that benefits the broader immigrant community. We insist that the Trump administration restore TPS status to the Salvadoran and Haitian communities who were targeted earlier this year. Sadhana condemns the repeal of DACA and attempts to pass a “Muslim Ban.” We urge the immediate introduction of more humanitarian pathways to permanent residency and citizenship.