Sadhana Condemns Atrocities Against Hindus in Myanmar

Recent reporting by Amnesty International in Myanmar has drawn attention to the massacre of nearly a hundred Hindu villagers; men, women, and children. Several other villagers have reportedly been abducted, and some women were forcibly converted to Islam. The attacks have been attributed to a Rohingya Muslim armed group, the so called "Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA)." Sadhana is horrified at these reports and demand that the perpetrators be brought to justice. The government of Myanmar has in turn used attacks such as these to justify its continued crackdown on members of the Muslim Rohingya community and over 700,000 have been catastrophically displaced.

We condemn the sickness of violence in all its forms, we affirm our commitment to the rights and welfare of our Hindu sisters and brothers, and we also affirm our equal commitment to the rights and welfare of our Muslim sisters and brothers -- in Myanmar and across the world. 

Some might use this atrocity to stoke our hearts with resentment. At Sadhana, we opt in favor of a renewed commitment to righteousness instead. We firmly condemn these wanton acts of cruelty, just as we unequivocally condemn the idea that standing up for Hindus means condemning all Muslims. Nothing could be farther from the truth of our faith. 

The Sadhaka (progressive Hindu) is para-dukha-dukhi; she feels the pain and pleasure of her fellow jivas (living beings) as her very own. Her dharma is justice. Her Sadhana is fierce resistance against all adharma (evil), manifesting in personal relations and in systems and structures.