Sadhana's Statement On 2019 Indian Election

This result is a great disappointment for Hindus that believe in an India that celebrates diversity, and that is welcoming to all. But it is important for us to consider our non-Hindu sisters and brothers first, many of whom are likely terrified by the outcome of this election. Be they Muslim or Christian, Dalit or Adivasi, atheist or believer, it is the duty of every Hindu to stand up for the rights of their fellow man and woman. For too long we have allowed the voices of intolerance to carry the mantle of our faith, and pettiness and false pride have come to replace true piety and service. But this election should send a message that is loud and clear to every Hindu of conscience. This is our struggle, and it’s time we summon the courage and imagination necessary to provide a vision of Hindu identity and faith that honors the values of truth, nonviolence, oneness, and that embraces and celebrates the diversity and dignity of democratic life for all.

Om Shakti, Om Satya, Om Shanti