Sadhana stands against all forms of religious bigotry and hate, including Islamophobia.

īshwar allāh tere nām, sab ko sanmati de bhagavān.
Both Ishwar and Allah are your names; oh Lord, bless us all with wisdom.

Sadhana co-founder Aminta Kilawan-Narine speaking at the "Today I am a Muslim Too" rally in Times Square, NYC. February 19, 2017.

Does Khuda live in the mosque?
Then who lives everywhere?Is Ram in idols and holy ground?
Have you looked and found him there?
Hari in the East, Allah in the West
So you like to dream.
Search in the heart, in the heart alone:
There live Ram and Karim!
Which is false, Koran or Veda?
False is the darkened view.
It’s one, one in every body!
How did you make it two?
Every man and woman born,
They’re all your forms, says Kabir.
I’m Ram-and-Allah’s foolish baby,
He’s my guru and pir.  
- by Kabir, 15th Century Bhakti Poet (translated by Arvind Krishna Mehrotra)
"The creatures are like you, Allah-Ram...”
The creatures are like you, Allah-Ram.
Lord be kind to them.
Why bump that shaven head on the earth, 
Why dunk those bones in the water?
Parading as a holy man,
You hide yourself, and slaughter.
Why wash your hands and mouth, why chant
With a heart full of fraud?
Why bow and bow in the mosque, and trudge
To Mecca to see God?
Twenty-four days for the Hindus,
Thirty days for the Turks—
A month each year for fasting, 
Eleven for other works.


May 2018: With love and a deep desire for peace and unity, Sadhana wishes Ramadan Mubarak to our Muslim brothers and sisters. We share this Ramadan reflection by our co-founder Sunita Viswanath, and invite one and all to our Sadhana Satsangh on June 12th, devoted to Hindu-Muslim Unity.

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