Since 2011, Sadhana has been working towards building a progressive Hindu movement in the New York City area, nationally, and beyond. We practice our sadhana, or faith in action, by advocating for those social justice principles we believe are at the heart of Hinduism.

Our Mission

Sadhana is a coalition of Hindus worldwide wanting to assert a progressive Hindu voice into the public discourse of our times. Sadhana is a mechanism and a platform for progressive Hindus to speak up and act for progressive social values and social justice.

Sadhana is seeking to strengthen the liberal voice in the Hindu population and become a flag-bearer for social justice and social action.
— Kirk Semple, New York Times

FAITH AS A VERB — The “Doing” of Progressive Hinduism

Sadhana cofounder Sunita Viswanath interviewed for "Interfaith Matters,” discussing her personal calling to reimagine Hinduism as a greater force for social justice in the world. (April 2018)


  • Open dialogues at local college campuses

  • Outreach to Hindu temples, organizations, and interfaith associations to promote progressive Hinduism

  • Grassroots advocacy for environmental justice via beach cleanups

  • Healthy Relationships workshops to address gender-based violence and issues of gender equity

  • Opinion pieces and statements on what it means to be a progressive Hindu in practice

  • Statements against acts of injustice locally, nationally, and internationally, particularly those in the name of religion

  • Speaking engagements and organized events of social, political, and economic relevance

Our Partners and Donors

  • Fellowship in Prayer (For the support of our capacity-building efforts)

  • Citizens Committee for NYC (for their support of Project Prithvi) 

  • The Sister Fund (for their support of our work to facilitate Safe Conversations about sensitive issues in the Hindu community)

  • Auburn Theological Seminary (For Incubating and providing in-Kind Support and Technical Assistance, and hosting our Sadhana Salons)

  • First Unitarian Congregational Society of Brooklyn (For hosting our Sadhana Satsanghs, and welcoming us into their community)