Healthy Relationships Series

Through this project, we hope to promote love in all its forms - love of oneself, one's partner, and one's community. Sadhana has conducted workshops in partnership with local organizations and governmental entities to address domestic violence, respect for our LGBTQ allies, alcohol & substance abuse, mental health, and suicide. We aim to open the doors to closeted issues in order to facilitate healing and dialogue in a safe and open space. 

Previous partners for workshops have included the Mayor's Office to Combat Domestic Violence, NYC Commission on Human Rights, CONNECT NYC, CADVA, the NJ Arya Samaj Humanitarian Mission, Caribbean Voice, the Rajkumari Cultural Center and the Caribbean Equality Project.

Domestic Violence Outreach

Sadhana volunteers do annual outreach to raise awareness about domestic violence in Richmond Hill, Queens, NY, where many Indo-Caribbean Hindus reside.

LGBTQI Committee

Our LGBTQI Committee has been brainstorming how Sadhana can be a resource and support to people in Hindu LGBTQ community the United States. Listen to Professor Anantanand Rambachan's talk about this subject. In accordance with our emphasis on social justice, Sadhana has started an initiative to illuminate the rich representations of gender and sexual diversity within Hinduism, and to advocate for the continued celebration of LGBTQI individuals within contemporary Hindu communities. Broad, capacious, and ever-changing, the wide ranging beliefs and practices we call Hinduism have long honored various voices of gender and sexuality. We plan to reanimate those voices by building a database of Hindu mythic stories, sacred scriptures, traditional practices, and academic texts that portray same sex desire as natural and joyful, and that foreground the lives of non-gender binary individuals who are in Hinduism known as tritiya-prakriti – literally, “third nature”. In addition to sharing the time-honored celebration of gender and sexual diversity in Hinduism, we are working on expanding our service to LGBTQI communities by creating a database of Queer-friendly Hindu spaces, including places of worship, pandits eager to perform gay marriages, and Queer community centers for people of South Asian and Indo-Caribbean descent. Ultimately, we aim to share our vision, asserting our contention that the practice of Hinduism is inclusive, loving, and just.