We seek to build a platform for social justice oriented Hindus.

Sadhana is a grassroots tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization of thus far U.S.-based Hindus who are committed to the heart of Hinduism we were raised with: ekatva (oneness of all), ahimsa (peace and nonviolence), seva (a commitment to putting our shoulder to the wheel in service to struggles for justice everywhere). We seek to build a platform for social justice oriented Hindus to speak up and participate whenever justice is denied.  

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Sadhana Smriti

Our effort to build a new smriti, a new sacred text, that embodies the work, vision, and devotional spirit of progressive Hinduism.

Sadhana's Members Continue to Grow!

Sadhana is constantly growing as a group as its membership grows. As of July 2017, we have members in The following areas:

New York, Chicago, SF Bay Area, Texas, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Florida, India