Sadhana is seeking to strengthen the liberal voice in the Hindu population and become a flag-bearer for social justice and social action.
— Kirk Semple, New York Times

Since 2011, Sadhana has been building a progressive Hindu movement. We practice our sadhana, or faith in action, by advocating for those social justice principles we believe are at the heart of Hinduism.

We have mobilized Hindus in New York City and beyond to stand up for social justice causes including environmental justice, racial and economic justice, gender equity, immigrant rights, and anti-casteism. We bring a Hindu voice to the interfaith justice movement. We have chapters and members around the country and abroad. We engage and mobilize progressive Hindus nationally and internationally using social media.

Our mission

We empower Hindu American communities to live out the values of their faith through service, community transformation, and targeted advocacy work.

Our Vision

Hindu communities that are fearlessly working towards a more just and peaceful world, driven by the values of social justice at the heart of our faith.

Our values

  • Ekatva: Oneness of all

  • Ahimsa: Nonviolence

  • Seva: Service

Our Partners and Donors


  • The Sister Fund (for their support of our work to facilitate Safe Conversations about sensitive issues in the Hindu community)