Sadhana Salons

tejasvi nāvadhītamastu ma vidviṣāvahai
May what has been studied by us be filled with brilliance; may it not give rise to hostility.
— Taittiriya Upanishad

Sadhana Salons are our monthly community gatherings, in which we will collectively explore the substance of progressive Hinduism. Each month you are invited to an intimate, open-minded, open-hearted discussion in which we will dig into the issues, challenges, and opportunities of Sadhana's work, with suggested readings assigned beforehand. Our salons allow us to cultivate a deeper understanding of Sadhana's mission, as we co-create an active, compassionate space of contemplation-in-action.

Each month, we have a different theme. Past themes have included: the Divine Feminine, the poetry of Meerabai, surrender and bhakti (devotion), environmental justice and “ecodharma”, mental health and spiritual wellbeing, and more.

We also have a few different spin-off Salon series. Our Sister Salons are held for women, girls, and gender-non-conforming people, and our Youth Salons are for youth aged 15-25.

We partner with several community organizations, including Caribbean Equality Project, Jahajee Sisters, Ma Yogashakti International Mission, and more.

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