Progressive Hindu Priests Network

Are you looking for a progressive Hindu priest to conduct your wedding? A naming ceremony for your child? A death ceremony for a loved one?

Sadhana can connect you to progressive Hindu priests in New York City, Chicago, and across the United States and India. Pandits and panditas in our network have been asked to facilitate rituals and ceremonies such as:

  • Naming ceremony (namakarana)

  • House-warming ceremony (grihapravesham)

  • Weddings (interfaith, same-sex, interracial)

  • Death ceremony

Please write to us at, and we’ll do our best to connect you with a priest in your area!

For priests:

Are you a Hindu priest who conducts progressive interpretations of Hindu rituals and ceremonies? Would you like to connect with other Hindu pandits and panditas who are doing similar work? If so, please reach out to us at