New York City Chapter Co-Chairs Vibhusha, Helen Lundström Erwin, and Pratima Kushmani Doobay

New York City Chapter Co-Chairs Vibhusha, Helen Lundström Erwin, and Pratima Kushmani Doobay


Vibhusha has practiced sanatana dharma for over thirty years and is a devotee in the Kripalu lineage. She is passionate about Sanskrit chanting and founded Family Kirtan NYC to share the joy of devotional yoga with children and families. The practice of yama & niyama animates her life and calls her to take action for non-violence, truth, and compassion. She serves Sadhana to put her faith into action.

Helen Lundström Erwin

Helen Lundström Erwin was raised in Helsingborg, Sweden and came to New York City in 1991, where she lives with her husband Ben and their two dogs, Lakshmi and Theo. She is a published author and illustrator of both historical novels and children’s books. Helen is an avid runner and the founder of the NYC based UnRushers Running Club. She is a foodie and an exercise blogger who writes about her passion for a body positive and food positive approach to health. Helen adopted Hinduism in the late ‘90s and is a regular guest at Ananda Ashram in Monroe, NY, where she focuses on meditation, chanting and scripture study. And food! The ashram is paradise for foodies. Helen is a co-chair of Sadhana’s New York Chapter and a proud member of Sadhana. The phrase “Tat Tvam Asi” resonates deeply with her, and she firmly believes that diversity is humanity’s strength.


Pratima Kushmani S. Doobay is a social justice advocate and Sadhana’s resident Hindu Priestess (Pandita). Pratima grew up in the Bhavaanee Maa Mandir, Brooklyn NY, which is a Hindu temple run by her family. Since her childhood, she has infused her temple community with her egalitarianism and passion for justice. Pratima is also a musician who often performs in the Indo-Caribbean community in NY. Pratima is excited to help Sadhana reach temple communities in NY and beyond, and mobilize community members to connect their faith to social justice issues and engage in seva (service).