Our allegiance to the spirit of compassion and justice, rooted in our Hindu faith, is what obliges us to join the New Poor People’s Campaign.


Sadhana has joined Rev. Dr. William James Barber and hundreds of faith leaders from across the United States in support of the Poor People's Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival, to renew Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s struggle for social justice for this generation.

More information on the National Poor People's Campaign here.

More information on the New York Poor People's Campaign here.

Why the Poor People's Campaign is important for all justice-oriented Hindus.

We reject the authority of the militant Hindu right, and disavow any idea of Hindutva that seeks to pit us against our brothers and sisters of other faiths, castes, ethnicities, or sexual orientations. Regardless of one’s respective markers of identity, we are committed to honoring the dignity of every human-being, and commit ourselves to challenging the voices of intolerance from both within and outside our religious tradition.

We also reject the idea that we must abandon our faith in order to champion the cause of justice for all. On the contrary, our commitment to social justice is firmly grounded in an intimate and nuanced understanding of our faith, and Sadhana is a mechanism and a platform for Hindus to speak up and act on behalf of the values embedded in our spiritual and ethical traditions.

Our allegiance to the spirit of compassion and justice, rooted in our Hindu faith, is what obliges us to join the New Poor People’s Campaign. We call on like-minded Hindus from across the country, indeed from across the world, to join us in this struggle - in devotion to our shared Sadhana (Faith in Action).

Sadhana's Poor People's Campaign Committee

Udit Thakur is Sadhana's Representative to the Poor People's Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival, and is coordinating all aspects of Sadhana's engagement.


Udit has joined faith leaders from across New York City at several meetings to plan for upcoming state-level campaigns against injustice. This fight is just getting started, but Sadhana is in it for the long haul. Forward together...not one step back!

At the NYC Mass Meeting of the New Poor People's Campaign on March 25, 2018, Udit shared this meditation on the importance of compassion and duty to our shared Hindu faith; a poem by the famous Tulsidas (among Gandhi-ji’s favorites):

"Daya Dharam ka mool hai, 
Pap mool abhiman, 
Tulsi daya na chhodiye jab lag ghat main pran

Compassion is the root of duty, 
As egotism is of sin,
Tulsi says you should not be rid of compassion for as long as you live."

Sadhana's Poor People's Campaign Volunteer Committee:

  • Shailly Barnes, Esq, Sadhana member and Program Manager at Kairos: The Center for Religions, Rights and Social Justice
  • Sunita Viswanath, Sadhana co-founder and board member
  • Davanie Singhroy, Sadhana board member
  • Indy Mohanlal, Sadhana member
  • Pratima Doobay, Sadhana member
  • Karen Sonilal, Sadhana member
  • Dr. Anantanand Rambachan, Sadhana advisory board member and Professor of Religion, St. Olaf College, Minnesota, MN.

Resources on Hinduism and Poverty

40 Days of Nonviolent Moral Fusion Direct Action

Sadhana is participating in this 40-Day Direct Action Campaign, beginning on May 14th (Mother’s Day) 2018, directed at our leaders in State and Federal Office. We cannot meet the monumental challenge of our present moment without echoing Dr. King’s demand that America undergo a “radical revolution of values.” The task of moral revival is a duty, and Sadhana is proud to commit to putting our faith in to action at this pivotal moment in history.

40 Days of Moral Action Toolkit prepared by the
Kairos Center for Religions, Rights and Social Justice.

On Sunday May 14th, Sadhana cofounder Sunita Viswanath was among among the speakers at the Poor People’s Campaign rally at West Capitol Park, Albany, NY.